How we work





Phase 1: Share your thought
At Dutch Premium Yachts we help you with the orientation phase. What kind of yacht are you looking for? Think about styling, purpose and the future. Together we discover your thoughts and translate this vision into a first concept design which you can share with businesspartners, friends or family. We start with a 2D sketch and develop this into a photo realistic 3D presentation. In this phase your vision will grow, the appearance will develop into the configuration that perfectly matches your ideas.
Interested? Contact us for a free custom general arrangement to translate your vision into reality.









Phase 2: Yard selection
Determine your budget. If your run your yacht as a business we can set up a businessplan to calculate ROI and work out a budget pricing. If you run it privately we start selecting your requirements per system, this to work out the detailed specifications to find the right equipment for the right purpose within the right timeframe and calculate a fair cost price.
Come along for the yard orientation, all shipyards have their own specialism. Let the specifications of your yacht be the guide to find the most suitable yard.









Phase 3: Detailed design
When the project is feasible we start with the detailed design. At DPY we recognize a trend towards custom design and custom built yachts, also in the smaller segment. With custom design and custom built there is maximum control on the shapes and appearance of the exterior, the layout of the interior, but also maximum flexibility in the integration of systems.
Directly after the yacht orientation, we start with a General Arrangement to capture your vision on our drawing board. During this process we can change exterior shapes or interior layouts, so you have several options. Leave these options for a while and discuss it with your friends or professionals and take advantage of our knowledge from feedback from owners, captains, crew, yards, craftsmen and designers.









Phase 4: Project management
A yacht is a system of systems, this is how we approach the project management and new build supervision phase. During the start of our projects we start with the product break down into systems, spaces, components and materials. With the use of shipbuilder software we strive to keep our information consistent, we have the availability to share this consist information with the owner, yard and construction team. Everyone works with the same up to date data. With these tools we keep track of planning and stay in budget.









Phase 5: Construction
New build management is one of the key services from DPY.
Four secrets during the construction phase are;

  • New build insurance
  • Registration of the vessel into the Dutch registration (kadaster)
  • Registration of the progress on planning including notifications
  • Contract management









Phase 6: Delivery
Your yacht has been finished and everything looks fantastic! During the Harbour and Sea Acceptance Tests we check if every system works as we agreed during the orientation and detailed design phase. Of course we do not wait till the last moment, before the ship goes into the water we already did the Factory Acceptance Tests.










Phase 7: After sales
At Dutch Premium Yachts we understand the need for after sales. All information, a true library about your yacht, which is organised during the design and construction phase has to be fully available during the running phase. The library of your yacht can be very large and detailed, finding the right information about the right component at the right moment appeared to be complicated. The use of Virtual Reality enables the client and our support team to communicate about the same item at the same moment.
For the warranty period and beyond it is our duty to keep track if the yachts systems are serviced as required by the yard and suppliers to keep the yacht in the best condition and reserve rights on the warranty periods.