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You are very welcome to visit our office in the marina in the second harbour in Scheveningen.

Dutch Premium Yachts B.V.DutchPremiumYachtsOffice
Harbour Business Center
Dr. Lelykade 22a
2583 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

Telephone: +3170-4161868

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The approach to our office by car, follow directions in maps.

The approach to our office by boat;
Waypoint: Fairway buoy Scheveningen, ISO 4s: 57°07’7N – 004°14’1E
Leading lights: 156°

About 0,5 NM before the entrance of the breakwaters please call “Trafficcentre Scheveningen” on VHF channel 21 and request permission to enter the harbour with mentioning your destination: “Dutch Premium Yachts B.V. in the Marina in the second harbour”.