Dutch Premium Yachts nets mega-order

Tourist craft for Shanghai park

THE HAGUE ~ Before he went there, all Bart van der Wijk knew was someone in Shanghai wanted a bunch of boats. Long story short: a Chinese clothing magnate wanted 18 boats for his theme park: 8 Venetian gondolas, 2 limo tenders (photo left), 2 salon craft, 2 twin-deck salon boats and 4 touring boats (below).

Van Wijk’s company (Van Wijk Yacht Creation) makes detailed 3D renderings of yachts and boats. For the Shanghai job, he formed Dutch Premium Yachts, hired staff and reeled in style/design expertise from across Dutch yacht building: designers, builders, woodworkers, paint and marine product suppliers etc.

“I found specialists who can turn concepts into build kits and yards with the right mettle to build boats,” he says. “I explored designs through renderings that show clients what to expect. Renderings let you play with color combinations. That lets you avoid misunderstandings and discussions early on.”

To manage the complexity of the Shanghai order, Van Wijk relies on ICT Strategie BV’s Shipbuilder Software. It keeps all project participants up to date on the state of the project, from concept design to delivery to future maintenance in Shanghai. The first boats are to be delivered in the Spring.

The Shanghai order came with specific client demands that steered the order to a yacht rather than a ship builder. Van Wijk had to come up with ample covers to block out the sun, spacious craft as these are experienced as luxurious in China and classic, baroque decorations. Van Wijk works with Virtual Reality presentations that let clients “walk” through a design. Or “augmented reality” displayed on a tablet for viewing by several people.

Bron: http://dutchyachtbuilding.com